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Our estheticians and massage therapists provide the following luxury body and aesthetic services. Upon arrival each guest receives lemon water and a warm neck wrap. Every spa service also uses warm scented aromatherapy towels. Give the best gift to a friend or yourself by purchasing an online gift certificate today!

When booking online or by phone, as a courtesy, please familiarize with our spa cancellation policy.



 Facial prices vary upon time and treatment and are listed on the booking page. Coupons or specials will be applied at point of sale. A credit card may be required to hold your appointment.

Halo Signature Facial 

Relax and unwind with a Pevonia custom facial where we start with inhalation therapy then cleanse with steam, tone and exfoliate. This is followed by extractions, if needed, a facial massage and mask for your skincare needs, along with massaging the arms and hands while you relax. Lastly, we finish with moisturizer along with high frequency therapy (that kills bacteria and stimulates collegen and elastin) and a quick head and neck massage. 

Caviar Facial

Plant-based neuropeptides nourish the skin while retinol and other key vitamins deliver true skin care with extraordinary clinical results for a more youthful appearance. Results of this facial are visible and the benefits are long lasting. For anyone looking to repair & soften their skin.

Microdermabrasion Facial  

Exfoliate and glow with a non-invasive facial treatment designed to renew skin tone by targeting the outer layer of your skin — improves the appearance of sun damage, wrinkles, fine lines.  

Lumafirm Facial 

This facial renders your skin firmer and more defined. Gain instant results using kombucha and sorghum for an airbrushed look. 

90-Minute Facial  

Relax with inhalation therapy, cleanse, tone, extraction and hot towels. Extra time is given for face, neck and arm massage. This treatment also uses high frequency therapy and is for anyone seeking ultimate relaxation and amazing hydrated clean skin. A custom mask is provided for your skin type. 

Rosacea Facial 

A superlative Rosacea mask treatment by Pevonia® that heals and repairs irritated skin, reducing redness and improving circulation.   

Dermaplaning Facial

We cleanse and tone the skin preparing for extractions, then we add a soothing mask followed by demaplaning to remove facial hair.

Bio-Brasion Facial 

Smooth away dehydrated, rough skin with our wet & dry microdermabrasion treatment. 

Stem Cell Facial 

This facial infuses argon, comfrey stem cells, elastin to increase cell turnover and collagen production. Helps with age reversal.  

Teen Acne Facial 

This facial will help reduce breakouts and clear your skin. Using Pevonia Procorrective line, we first wash the face with a clear control exfoliator to lather away excess oil and impurities while gently diminishing bacteria and pore clogging dead cells. Then we use oil free acne spot treatment process, followed by a light textured moisterizer that helps eliminate toxicity build up. Finally we apply a unique mask that powerfully targets breakouts leaving skin clearer, healthier, soft, smooth and matte.

Men’s Facial  

Energizing and deep cleaning treatment to detoxify the skin and hydrate using hyaluronic acid. 

Halo Back Facial 

Soothing and hydrating treatment for your back to cleanse, exfoliate, mask and extractions, as needed. 

Microneedling Treatment

We start with numbing the area to be treated, then use a device with small needles to lightly puncture the skin. Collagen induction therapy used to treat scars, enlarged pores and stretch marks. It’s a great treatment with very little down time! You may add enhancements of oxygenating vitamin c, soothing serum or firming elastin serum For best results consider doing a series. Inquire also about neck and chest area. Our Rejuva pen device is used with a sterile needle tip that involves puncturing the skin with tiny holes to allow collagen production and induce healing that leaves the looking younger and so healthy. great anti-aging firming treatment for all skin types. 

Massages & Body Wraps

  Massage prices vary upon time and treatment and are listed on the booking page. Coupons or specials will be applied at point of sale. A credit card may be required to hold your appointment.

Halo Signature Massage 

Medium pressure to relieve muscle pain and tension! Helps with circulation and the lymph system to nourish muscles to reduce pain. 

Halo Massage + Reflexology 

Relaxing 75 minute service to relieve tension and pain. Combining a massage with foot reflexology to improve blood circulation, relieve body pain, and ease stress. 

Deep Tissue Massage 

Deep pressure is recommended for customers that have previously had massage therapy. 

Pre-Natal Massage 

Treat the mother-to-be with a soothing gentle massage. *Doctor release is required prior to making appointment.  Download Pregnancy Waiver

Cupping Massage 

This massage includes an ancient form of treatment in which a therapist puts special cups on your skin for a few minutes to create suction. People get it for many purposes, including to help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and well-being, and as a type of deep-tissue massage. 

Hot Stone Massage  

Tension relieving, heat therapy full-body massage with hot stone techniques. Melting tension and stress away with deep relaxation. 

Crepe No More Body Wrap 

Hydrating and crepe reducing body wrap with pear cactus and blue agave. Includes dry brushing techniques and gentle massage movements to leave your skin silky. 

Halo Signature Massage and Facial Combo 

Great spa day treat! Enjoy a refreshing facial customized to your skin and a tension relieving massage. 

Makeup and Brows

 Prices are listed on the booking page. Coupons or specials will be applied at point of sale. A credit card may be required to hold your appointment.

Camera Ready Makeup 

Relax while we get you ready with our all-natural Glo Skin Beauty makeup. 

Eyebrow Design 

Includes measuring the brows, trimming, tweezing, hard wax application, and high frequency if needed for sensitive skin. We can also show you how to fill in the brows with makeup for a complete look.  

Touchup Brows

Painless eyebrow grooming with lash comb, moisturizer and clear brow gel to hold the brows shape.  

Spray Tanning

 Pricing available upon booking appointment

Professional Spray Tanning 

Our trained spray tan artists will choose the perfect shade to give your skin a glow for the pool or beach this summer. A 30-45 minute session will leave your skin looking beautiful. It is recommended to exfoliate prior to appointment.  

Beauty Add-Ons

 Add ons vary upon time and treatment. Specific cost confirmed upon booking or at time of arrival. Coupons or specials applied at point of sale.


An ancient, powerful healing modality based on the premise that our entire body is mapped, through a system of reflexes, on our ears, hands and feet. The therapist will use special techniques to stimulate these reflexes to encourage healing and a return to balance in every organ, gland and body system.  

Bio brasion Add-On 

It is a safe and effective non-invasive procedure used in age management facials to stimulate the face. Bio brasion facial results in skin that is firm, contoured, and hydrated. 

Celluma® Light Therapy 

Add this treatment to any massage or facial. Light healing therapy designed for your facial and body concerns.   

Microderm Face 

Reduce fine lines, lighten dark spots and unclog pores. 

Microderm Face and Neck

Reduce wrinkles, firms and lightens skin. 

Radio Frequency Therapy  

Extra time to lift and tighten skin during any facial treatment.  

Micro Spot Treatment for Teen Facial 

Add a spot treatment microdermabrasion to the teen facial for some extra exfoliation. 

Lumafirm Freeze Dry Treatment Add-on 

Lift, lighten, and firm your skin with this freeze-dried treatment. Featuring a powerful combination of the latest in skin repairing and brightening agents: Sorghum and Diacetyl Boldine, this one-of-a-kind treatment will deliver dramatic repairing and brightening results and render the skin ultra-luminous. 

Cryo Globes 

Ice cold massage globes are massaged onto the skin during your facial.  Great for reducing large pores and calming rosacea. 

Lip Wax 

Remove unwanted hair and peach fuzz with natural hard wax. Recommended for sensitive skin. 

Chin Wax 

Remove unwanted facial hair around chin with all-natural wax.  

Cheek Wax 

Remove peach fuzz and unwanted hair on both face cheeks with all-natural wax. 

Microderm Neck Treatment
Reduce wrinkles, tighten skin, and reduce dark spots. 

Scalp Massage & Treatment 

Massage of neck and scalp using hands and high frequency wand that stimulates hair growth and healthy scalp. 

Foot Massage  

Add-on during a facial using Pervonia tension relief gel.

CBD Serum 

Glo Skin Beauty CBD serum that can be added to any facial or massage. 

Enzyme Peel
A gentle exfoliating Pervonia peel to remove dead skin cells and unclog the pores. 

Foot Massage with Mask 

Hydrating mask to refresh the pores on your feet. 

Foot Scrub Massage  

Great for exfoliating away dead skin cells.  

Stem Cell Add-On 

Hydrating freeze dried Pervonia treatment. Increases cell turnover and elastin.  

Vitamin C Serum 

Reduces dark spots.

Collagen & Elastin Serum Face Massage 

Anti- aging serum that is great for plumping the skin and reducing wrinkles. 

Arm Wrap Crepe No More 

A no rinse arm wrap that helps lighten, tighten, and hydrate the skin for a youthful look. 

Eye TX 

The fragile eye zone is subject to aging, damage from the sun, fatigue, and more. Ultra-light and yet powerfully repairing, this Eye Contour Serum combines Marine Collagen, Marine Elastin, and Hyaluronic Acid to moisturize while reducing the appearance of crepiness and easing puffiness.